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Diving for the Blue Pearl - Kundalini Immersion with Gurmukh & Gurushabd


Experience Transformation with Gurmukh & Gurushabd

Throughout the centuries Kundalini Yoga was a secret taught only to small groups of highly evolved yogis by illumined teachers. Yogi Bhajan came to the West in 1969 and said, “The world needs this experience Now!” Kundalini Yoga lifts the veil between our world and the other worlds, and the window between spirit world and material world opens.

Together we will travel into your Unknown where lie the treasures, the jewels, the gifts. With these Blessings that Creator gave you this lifetime, you can rise to the surface to see more clearly and to trust your intuition. As you begin to trust yourself, you will love yourself; you will believe in yourself; you will move forward. First you dive deeply to find the jewels. Then you surface to see the Light and to follow the Light. Then you become the Light. This can happen if you dare to dive deeply.

Please join Gurmukh and Gurushabd for this transformative journey of the Soul.

“You have natural pearl; you have soft-water pearl; you have sea pearl; you have hard-water pear. Call it anything; it is all qualifications, grading, pricing, and business. It is that Blue Pearl of Consciousness that yogis love, live for, and look to. What I am saying to you: With all the nonsense and all the emotions and the doing and the not-doing, what matters? It is the Life that matters. It is the Courage you bring to it. It is the Pearl of Consciousness that yogis love.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Lugar : Pasaje Montoya - Ávila,32 08005 Barcelona (Poble Nou)

Precios & Reserva (early bird until april 3 of 2019)
possibility to book the full 2 days immersion or 1 day, or 1 workshop (description below)

Workshop 1 - Saturday 13 - 9h to 12h
A Split Second – The Awakening Call

A student comes to a Kundalini Yoga class for the first time, and life is forever altered. In one class you can have a Kundalini experience that will reveal possibility, destiny, and an inner knowingness faster than perhaps anything else. In some ways similar to a near-death experience, the experience in a Kundalini Yoga class gets down to the bones so quickly, yet so safely and with absolute beauty. We shall transform our anger into innocence as we journey through the Earth, slipping off the cause and effect of karma so that we might come to realize ‘the wanting of nothing’ and that our only need is ourself. Through Kundalini Yoga, Chanting, Meditating, Dancing, Breath Walking, Sweating, and Laughing, we shall understand without a doubt the words, “Let it be.” All levels are welcome.

Workshop 2- Saturday 13 : 14h to 17h
Being Human Is Being Intuitive
Living an Absolutely Happy Life With Kundalini Yoga

Yogis and other wise men and women have all asked, “As humans, do we have the right to live an absolutely happy life?”
The answer they found is an unequivocal, “Yes!”
Yet the route to leading the joyous and abundant life that we desire remains elusive for so many of us. Kundalini Yoga offers a tangible path to living the happy life that we all would like to live. The practice of Kundalini Yoga trains us to leave behind our habitual way of being, and to become more attuned to living by our intuition. By subjecting our ego to our intuition, we free ourselves to fashion a life that satisfies us and the greater good.

Please join us as Gurmukh and Gurushabd guide us in this practice of Kundalini Yoga, designed to make our mind sensitive, to build our intuition, and to tap into universal higher consciousness wisdom. As we learn techniques to put intuition at the center of our life every day, we discover the way to a lifetime of happiness.

All levels are welcome. Come prepared to laugh, dance, sweat, and sing.

Workshop 3 - Sunday 14 - 9h to 12h
Elevate In Consciousness

Please join us for this special Experience to give yourself enthusiasm, vigor, and a willingness to fight for what is right through developing your navel power, energy, self-discipline, balance, and commitment. Shift your psyche into a proactive rhythm of regeneration and accomplishment. Now is your time to bring out the hero and warrior in you. Learn how your creative and nurturing mind may serve you better than ever. Experience your power of social energy in cooperation with others. Learn how important the people in your life are for your health, wealth, and well-being. Together let us heal, dissolving all barriers and blocks in our minds. We will dive deeply. The experience promises to set you on your way in a new way. Come for Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Chanting, Dancing, and Relaxation, and enjoy the company.

Workshop 4- Domingo 14 : 14h to 17h
The Highest Meditation in the Aquarian Age

Everything is based on thought. Everything is pure vibration. We create our reality by the words we choose to speak, and even by the words we think. However much we mask our inward self, we are still felt by others; and more importantly we are recorded in the Akashic Records. Nothing goes unnoticed now.

Instead of counting our misfortunes, now is the time to count our blessings. Immersed in the blessings, we can then bless. Just bless everyone, and the rest God will do.

As we deeply Love our own journey, and Love the sacred gift of life we have been granted, the more our positive presence will be felt. This is what allows others to heal and to feel their own inner joy. Touching people with our smiles and inner sweetness is to be our guiding star.

Join us for a beautiful journey into the sacred space of our own Self-Reverence, through which we can deeply touch others with our Love. Through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, we shall raise our vibratory appreciation of ourselves, our lives, and all the work that we’ve done to be where we are today. As Loving human beings we can honestly say, “I shall see God in all. I shall serve God in all.”

For now save these dates 13 & 14 of april 2019
Gurmukh is coming back to Barcelona!!!!