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Formacion Hatha Yoga 200H con Surinder Singh en RISHIKESH - India

Surinder Singh, one of the best yoga teachers in India.

Surinder Singh is probably the most famous yoga teacher in the Himalayas and entire Northern India. Surinder Singh teaches hatha yoga– a combination of yogasana, pranayama and meditation– in the atmosphere of cordiality and support. It is this atmosphere and energy, and itsvastly positive effect on practice that the master’s students notice and come back for, year after year. Being a mechanical engineer by education, Surinder integrates principles of mechanical physics into his teaching practice thus turning them into bio mechanics of asana alignment and adjustment as well as of yoga practice as a whole.

Surinder Singh was initiated in the tradition of yoga by his teacher and guru Sri Swami Dharmananda, the then superior of Ved Niketan Asram in Rishikesh. Swami made no mistake. Today, Surinder Singh is the most popular yoga teacher in the world’s capital of yoga. Thousands of yoga practitioners from all over the world call Surinder Ji their main teacher. Surinder Singh is immensely popular in Russia through his teaching at Swasti Yoga.

In his classes at the Academy, Surinder Singh teaches general yoga practice, mass adjustment in a class setting, gives workshops on asana alignment and adjustment, and tunes his students into the “real yoga” – yoga of Compassion and Action.

Teacher Training Course Program

YOGA Asanas

·       Practical techniques and asanas (physical postures)

·       General indications on teaching a class

·       The basic class structure of Yoga

·       Course structure for learners

·       Asana Variations for beginners and elementary and advanced

·       Modifying asanas for people


·       Abdominal breathing

·       Full Yogic Breath

·       Anuloma Viloma

·       Eight Advanced Pranayama

Bandhas and Kriyas

·       The three bandhas : Jalandhara, Moola, Uddiyana

·       The six kriyas: Jala and Sutra Neti, Nauli, Dhauti, Basti Tratak, Kapalabhati


·       What is Meditation

·       Meditation vs Concentration

·       Why meditate

·       Guide to Meditation

·       The different methods and steps for meditation

·       Deep Relaxation / Yoga Nidra


·       Mantra chanting

·       Mantra Initiation

Four ways of Yoga

·       Raja Yoga

·        Bhakti Yoga

·       Karma Yoga

·       Jnana Yoga

Yoga Philosophy

·       Eight members of Raja Yoga

·       Three Gunas

·       Maya, Prakriti , Brahman

·       Three Bodies, Physical, Spiritual Astral

·       Internal Instruments, mind, intellect, ego and subconscious

·       Pancha Kosha

Anatomy and Physiology

·       Yoga sutras

·       The eight body systems

·       Column and its disorders

·       The difference between yoga and physical culture

·       Alignment adjustments and modifications

·       Yoga as therapy

Diet and Nutrition

·       What is Ayurveda

·       Basic Ayurvedic Remedies

·       Yoga Diet

·       Effect of diet , nutrition and lifestyle on the body and mind

·       Body types and proper diets

 Teaching Techniques

·       Psychology Teacher

·       Psychology student

·       Correction and technical guidance

·       Motivation Techniques

·       Communication techniques

·       Structuring and planning classes and workshop

You should definitely book this TTC if you want to find:

·       Humble vision of Yoga “Not teaching, but Sharing”

·       Access to profound and inspiring Satsangs

·       Assist and learn from Surinder’s drop in classes almost everyday.

·       A profound approach to yoga to boost your inner journey and find your own balance.

·       Support to go beyond your limitations and improve your life at deep mental and emotional levels.

·       Feel personally loved and supported even in large groups classes

·       Learn amazing alignments with a healthy style performance for the teacher

·       Small lovely nest where you feel really being take care of.

·       Shanti-peaceful clean house in the nature 5 minutes away from Rishikesh rush (between Laxhmanjhula and Ramjhula)

·       Cooperative teaching style always open to feedback and initiative.

·       Lots of practice and precise feedback.

·       Be encourage to develop your self-confidence, inner creativity and own Yoga style.

·       One of the most economic TTCs in Rishikesh,  the Yoga Capital.





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