Russian Yoga with Elena From Moscow

Elena is from Moscow and here she is coming to Barcelona to share her love for Yoga. 

I have dreamed about yoga all my life.

I did not come to it at once, however: big business kept me very busy - with its success, scale and interesting tasks…

Now  I am a trained yoga teacher.

Sharing my life experience and knowledge through yoga teaching is by far the most invigorating/wondrous and inspiring experience. 

I’m thankful to my ‘karma’ that yoga came into my life.

International level Certificate of the International Institution Shivanda yoga Vedanta Center – one of the oldest and authoritative schools – Sivanada, International, Yoga alliance, 401-hour certified yoga teacher’s training course (Rudraplayag, Himalayas, India). Meditative practices Bel Ashram, Varanasi, India, Sonoma Ashram, California, USA.  

The attraction of yoga is in its simplicity, it can and should be like a festive occasion. Real yoga’s purpose is overcoming seriousness with joy ever-filling your life, body, mind and hopefully – our classes.

Individual approach to yoga practice is always my priority, my goal is to show a way to self-improvement regardless of one’s mastery level: everyone is whole, perfect, beautiful, happy and loved. 

You will learn to feel and communicate with your body, change its state, to live with no fuss and tension… Success will follow those who engage!

Start loving yourself, be happy, healthy and joyous!

Elena Karamyslova (with appreciation and gratitude to my Teachers and Mentors).